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General questions:

General questions:

Q1: When and how will I receive the Acebyte Utilities that I ordered?
After we have received payment we will send a confirmation E-mail to the address you provided when ordering. This E-mail will contain the License Code (for the activation of Acebyte Utilities) and a download link for Acebyte Utilities.

Q2: can i be able to upgrade Acebyte Utilities in future for free?
Yes. You not only be albe to free uprade Acebyte Utilities within period of validity, buy also can enjoy free update and free technical support.

Q3: How to use the license of Acebyte software?
Obtaining a license for Acebyte Utilities allows you to use Acebyte Utilities on one single computer (either a server, desktop, notebook, or netbook). It doesn't matter how many users there are on this computer. If you reinstall Windows on your system, you are allowed to reinstall Acebyte Utilities on this computer, too.
If you have acquired a new computer and are no longer using your old system, uninstall Acebyte Utilities from the old system. In this way, you may install Acebyte Utilities at no additional charge on your new system using the Acebyte Utilities license that you already have.

Q4: Can I purchase the CD-ROM?
It is not suggested you buy CD-ROM, as CD-ROM costs an additional fee $9.95, plus the several days delivery time and the software kept being updated. We will offer you an immediate electronic delivery with detailed download guide. It is very easy and fast, just one click, you will own the full version same as CD. And we have a free update and retrieve policy, if you lost the program or plan to update, just please send us your initial order info, we will send you a latest version.

Q5: What Operating Systems are supported by Acebyte Utilities? Can I use it on Mac?
Acebyte Utilities is a Windows-based software. It can work on Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7. But it cannot support Mac.

Q6: How can I improve system performace by Acebyte Utilities?
Acebyte Utilities is a Windows-based software. It can work on Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7. But it cannot support Mac.

Q7: I can't pay via credit card. Why?
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