Easily access your locked files to delete them by Acebyte Utilities
  • Unlock any locked, encrypted, secured, or password protected files or folders
  • Very easy to use, clean and FREE
  • Work on Windows XP/Vista/7
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Unlocking Files That Are In Use with Free Acebyte Unlocker Software

Sometimes you cannot delete or rename a file or folder that is currently in use. You might receive an access violation error, or simply a message telling you that your action could not be completed because the file is open in another program when you are trying to delete it.
Unlocker in Acebyte Utilities is a free and powerful utility to let you unlock such files that are in use b some other application or system. With this free file unlocker software, you can easily unlock, delete, move, rename or copy any files or folders that are locked, encrypted, secured or password protected.

To unlock files or folders:

    Step 1 Add locked file in Acebyte Unlocker by any of the following:
  • a. Right click on the locked file or files and select "Acebyte Unlocker" ,
  • b. Select "Unlocker" in the running Acebyte Utilities and click "Add" button to add the locked file in Acebyte Unlocker.
    Step 2 Unlock to delete, rename, move or copy the locked file
  • Drop down the "Unlock" button to unlock the locked file, or unlock and delete, rename, move or copy the locked file.
  • If you choose "Unlock and rename", a box will pop up to let you enter your new name for the locked file. If you choose "Unlock and move" or "Unlock and copy", a box will pop up to let you choose the destination location where you want to move or copy the locked file.
  • Your file is immediately unlocked and or deleted, moved, renamed or copied.
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